[Histonet] FFPE vs. frozen for IHC

From:"Julienne Rutherford"

Hello histonetters.

I have a bank of placental tissue that's been collected over the years and
fixed and then stored (long-term) in 10% formalin. I want to make H&E slides
of these samples. In addition to basic morphological information, I'm
interested in IGF production by the placenta so am considering the best
route for IHC on these older tissues. I'm also in a position to collect
fresh placentas.  I have a series of questions and would appreciate any
1. Has anyone worked with placenta, esp. monkey placenta before,
specifically looking at IGF system?
2. Given the state of the older tissue (stored in formalin for up to 7 years
in some cases) what can I expect from both H&E and FFPE-based IHC?
3. Should I begin snap-freezing the new tissue for IHC or is FFPE a
better/more convenient route? I had always been under the impression that
IHC had to be done on frozen tissue, but this is apparently not the case.

Thank you!

Julienne Rutherford

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