[Histonet] Embedding medium for whole monkey brain sections

From:Shahin Zangenehpour

Dear HistoNetters,

I am trying to characterise the expression of FMRP (fragile X mental  
retardation protein) across an entire monkey brain. The goal of the  
project is to provide a 3D map of FMRP expression.

Due to technical constraints with the Ab-Ag interactions, the best way  
to carry out the histology is to do free-floating IHC on whole-brain  
monkey sections (50 microns thick). The obvious problem, of course, is  
that it is impossible to maintain the relative spatial information in  
the tissue that is essential for constructing a map out of the  
histological data because whole sections of the brain often come in  
more than one piece. The only solution that comes to mind is to embed  
the entire brain in a matrix that will keep the spatial information  
intact throughout the histological processing and maintains that  
information for subsequent analysis. However, I have absolutely no clue  
as to how I can achieve that.

Does anyone know of a method that will allow me to embed the entire  
brain such that I can freeze and section the  brain-matrix blocks,  
carry out the histology using established free-floating IHC techniques,  
and then mount the brain-matrix sections on glass slides for subsequent  

Many thanks,
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