[Histonet] Dumbing down the practical???]

From:Ford Royer

...and I bet it was up-hill BOTH WAYS!!!  ;-)

~ Ford
ps: You're dating yourself  Joe... but then my Medical Technology class 
was the last class that was required to go through a rotation in 
Histology, and we had 25 Histo/Cyto questions included on that year's 
M.T. Registry.... and they were HARD questions!  Maybe that's why they 
dropped Histology from the Med Tech requirements... it was to hard for 
us .   ;-)

Ford M. Royer, MT(ASCP)
Midwest Science Biocenter
Minneapolis, MN

Poteete, Jacquie A. wrote:

>WASTE high snow!  What a horrible experience!
>Jacquie Poteete MT(ASCP)QIHC
>Lead Technologist, IHC Lab
>Saint Francis Hospital
>Tulsa, OK
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>>I can do one better.
>>Two techs came through my lab during a clinical rotation. They were so
>>that I hired them. Both took their practical at the same time using the
>>tissue from the same autopsy, used the same processor, microtome and
>>stainer. I reviewed all their slides as did my medical director. One
>>one didn't. When I called ASCP to inquire how this could happen, I was
>>it would be $100 to have the slides reviewed. I told this person that I
>>the supervisor, not the applicant and I wanted to know how this could
>>	I put my name in to become a reviewer, but never received a yes or
>>Do I have some issues with ASCP, you bet. When my techs told me that they
>>had to turn in only 9 slides, I was appalled. So I told the same old story
>>"When I went to school, I had to walk 5 miles in waste high snow. When I
>>my HT, I had to use paraffin molds, process by hand and use a steel
>>Their response was "was that before cell phones and play stations?" They
>>remember seeing a picture of a steel knife in a book once. Geez, am I
>>getting old or what?
>>Joe "The Toe" Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
>>Histology Manager
>>Pathology Reference Lab
>>San Antonio, TX
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>>Subject: [Histonet] Dumbing down the practical???
>>I have a question for all those on the list who have taken the HT
>>  Why do you think that the practical exam does not cover the material
>>it used to?  Having taken mine in 1981, and then, later as a supervisor,
>>having trained 8 OJT's to sucessful completion of their certification, I
>>have observed that the practical is not near the test that it used to be.
>>There is no CNS tissue, no decalcified tissue, no submission of both a
>>special stain and a H&E from the same block. Just one slide, one block,
>>stain.  Also how is the effect of fully automated special stainers vs
>>prepared kits vs "homemade" solutions being taken into account?  There
>>even an informational question pertaining to this so that the ASCP could
>>begin to see the impact of the technology in our HT learning process?
>>the technician that can successfully load an autostainer be as effective
>>troubleshooting a stain as one who has learned every step by hand? Will it
>>even be necessary in the future of Histology?  Just curious to hear some
>>opinions - Terri
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