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From:"Atoska S. Gentry"

Good morning! Please, I'm wondering which substitute are you using and what 
type tissues (CNS/extraneural or both) are you processing? For the past 20+ 
years I have been using Fisher Scientific's Tissue Clear III and have not 
experienced any problems. Although, the majority of my tissues are CNS, all 
or my processing is done using it: even the mouse brains & extraneurals. 
Best wishes. Atoska

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>Subject: { SPAM 2 }::[Histonet] Xylene substitute problems
>Good morning to all histonetters,
>At around May of this year I had to change from xylene to a xylene substitute
>and have been hhaving problems eversince.  I am processing all kinds of mouse
>tissue and I find that the tissue seems to be softer, produces more wrinkles
>and is generally more difficult to cut.  Currently I am using 3 baths at 1 
>each.  I have been using diffrent times throughout the summer.  If anyone has
>any pointers I would appreciate it.

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