Re: [Histonet] fixing bone marrow for IHC


Good Morning,
   I have used Methanol and acetone for smears and had great results. 15 
mins... let air dry ...15 mins and let air dry. They do well even through 
antigen retrival. good luck
Tere Hodges
St Mary's Hospital

>From: "Richard Cartun" 
>To: ,
>Subject: Re: [Histonet] fixing bone marrow for IHC
>Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 16:56:06 -0500
>We use formalin.  I hate to see anyone use B5 because of environmental
>concerns with mercury.
>Richard Cartun
>Director, Immunopathology
>Hartford Hospital
> >>> Sharon Cooperman  11/25/03 04:16PM >>>
>Does anyone have an opinion on the best way to fix bone marrow smears
>for immunohistochemistry?  So far I've heard methanol, acetone, B-5
>and formalin.  The antibodies I plan to use all work on formalin
>fixed paraffin embedded tissue.  I'd appreciate any advice or
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