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From:Laurie Reilly

Dear Garry and All,
We have used the method of Dominici (1902) as quoted in Peter Gray's Encyclopaedia to demonstrate eosinophils.

It uses an aqueous solution containing 0.5% Eosin Y and 0.5% Orange G for  7 minutes, rinse in water
then counterstain with 0.5% aqueous Toluidine Blue O for 20seconds.

The other simple way to make eosinophils stand out is to do a H+E stain but overstain with Eosin and then differentiate the eosin until other structures, such as muscle or collagen, are very pale pink and the the eosinophils will be prominent. The Eosin solution we use contains Eosin Y and Erythrosin B.
 Eosinophils are very satisfying to stain, particularly horse eosinophils.

          Regards,  Laurie.

At 08:36 AM 11/26/03 +0000, Garry Ashton wrote:
Dear all,
Could anybody please give me some advice on the staining of eosinophils, either by conventional stains or immuno.
Am I right in thinking the carbol chromotrope technique is one such method.
Many thanks in advance.
Garry Ashton

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