Re: 5-time limit. [Histonet] Deadline for 2 yr OJT to become His totech

From:"Ford Royer"

One of the memories of my 10 years in the lab was the strange phenomenon that the best techs that I ever had were the ones that had difficulty passing the Registry on the first try.  The best tech (M.T.) that I ever worked with in my life took it 4 times before success.  We can all remember techs that seemed to be one slice short of a loaf when it came to daily routine workloads and were a ways behind the curve in productivity.  It seemed that these individuals, in my personal experience, more times than not, were the ones who passed the Registry on the first try.

One of Life's little mysteries.  ;-)

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Jackie.O' wrote:

JFK Jr. failed to pass the bar exam the first 3 times he took it.  When he passed the 4th time, he got a job for $35,000 per year.  That was in 1989 (I may be off one year).
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However--if one fails the exam 5 times, one would have to ask themselves if this is what one should be doing.

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