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This can occur from time to time but I found it to be more common using
sections from plastic embedded tissue. The problem with plastic sections
especially with embedded bone seems to be that the abrasive is
significantly harder than the plastic and the tissue and therefore gets
embedded in the surface. One solution that I found useful was to go to a
frosted glass plate and with just distilled water use this to polish the
surfaces. This will often remove some if not all the particles.
The frosted surface can be prepared using alumina and washing well. 

Off the topic
My daughter, who is a research chef, just visited Cape Town on business
and was very impressed with the beautiful scenery, the food, and the
friendliness of everyone there. Thank you.

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Hello fellow Resin Workers

Can you shed some light onto a small problem??

I am finding that when I grind my saw-cut sections using 2 grades of 
sand paper, (600/1200) fine black spots are settling on the tissue. I 
have tried to wash the out with water, but they don't come off?? It 
must be tiny pieces of dust from the sand paper. I am using water all 
the time, and clean paper. Any ideas??

Thank you
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