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We had our JCHO inspection this year. We had to remove everything from under
the sink except liquid cleaner and bleach. We cannot store powdered soap
like "Alconox", etc. We even had to take the brushes out that we use to
scrub the glassware with. The inspector looked under our sink and gave a
"OKAY ! This looks great." So I would think that you can store your liquid
cleaners under there but nothing else.

Hope this helps. 


Diane C. Gladney, HT (ASCP)
Histology /Cytology Supervisor
Moncrief Army Community Hospital
P.O. BOX 484
4500 Stuart Ave.
FT. Jackson, SC 29207

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Subject: [Histonet] JCHO/CAP

Good evening all,

  A while ago, I thought I read on the Histonet that nothing but soap or 
wash type products could be kept under sinks. Can some one refresh my 
memory. I am at a new Zhospital here in town (Tucson) and they have JCHO in 
1 week. Thanks

Tere Hodges
St Mary's Hospital
Tucson, Az.

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