RE: [Histonet] Deadline for 2 yr OJT to become Histotech

From:"Sarah Jones"

OMG, if they fail 5 times, maybe they should look for another
profession!!!!  Or we could just give them the ASCP tombstone shaped
sticker right off the bat, they won't have to wait 25 years like the
rest of us.  

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>>> "Chung, Luong"  11/21/2003 7:39:09 AM >>>
What happen if they fail 5 times with the HTL route plus a BS degree?
They can't become a Histotech ever again?

Just a thought.

Bruce Chung
Anatomic Pathology Manager

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One (long) added comment to Peggy's and Frieda's comments.

A candidate must TAKE the HT exam before Jan. 2005. However, they do
have to PASS the exam before that deadline.

When someone signs up to take the HT exam (or other ASCP certification
exams), they are given a 5 year time frame. Also, they have 5 times in
to take the exam.

EXAMPLE: If the person takes the HT exam for the first time in April
(second cycle), and does not pass it, and then tries again in Oct. 2004
cycle), and still does not pass it, they still have 3 more times to
take and
pass the exam. Since they first took the exam in the 2nd cycle of 2004,
would have 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 (just Jan -Mar 2009  = first cycle)
which to pass in one of their last 3 tries.

Now remember, they have to pass both the written and practical exam.
But not
necessarily at the same time.

EXAMPLE: If the person passes the practical on the first try, but not
written, they just have to repeat the written. Their passing practical
is good for that 5 year period. Whenever they pass the written (say,
the 3rd
time), the two passing scores are combined, and they have now passed
the HT
certification exam.

If someone who qualifies through Route 3 (high school diploma + 2
OJT), but does not take the exam for the first time before Jan. 2005,
can still go on and earn their associate degree with 20 hours
biology/chemistry, and then take the HT exam in the future via the
degree route (Route 2). Or, if they can get into a NAACLS-accredited
program, they can still take the HT exam in the future via that route

However, if someone trying via the high school diploma route uses up
all of
their 5 chances over the next 5 years, and then in the future earns
associate degree with the required bio/chem, they would NOT be allowed
retake the HT certification exam. A candidate is given a total of 5
times to
take a specific certification exam, regardless of how many different
through which they try. If, on the other hand, they could continue
their education, earn their baccalaureate degree with 30 hours of
they can now take the HTL exam, and be given 5 new chances. They are
taking a DIFFERENT certification exam.

Hope that helps.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI

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> You must apply by July 1, 2004 to be eligible to take the exam via
Route 3
> which will be discontinued as of Jan. 2005. Visit the ASCP-BOR site
> for more information.
> Peggy Micciche
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> I do not believe it is correct that you have until December 31, 2004
> up for the ASCP certifying exam.  Without an associate degree, you
> exam for the first time before December 31, 2004.  This obviously
> you must register for it much earlier.
> Freida Carson
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