Re: [Histonet] sectioning tissue mircroarrays

From:"Thom Jensen"


I found that dulling the blade with a Kimwipe knocks the edge off the blade down enough to get ribbons right away.  Try not to soak the array block in water.  If so, only for a few minutes - use straight ice.  Sometimes the block will cut better once it gets almost to room temp.  Also, if you are noticing any lines in the paraffin move to a new part of the blade or change to a new blade.




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>From: "jason madore"
>Subject: [Histonet] sectioning tissue mircroarrays
>Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 06:54:18 -0800
>Salut everyone,
>I am hoping that someone can give me pointers for sectioning of
>tissue microarrays. I am using leica RM2125 and the first array i
>need to section is a 0.06mm 400core ovarian serous tumour array. I
>have a problems with the cores rolling up as the section is cut.
>About half of the roled cores flatten out in the water bath but
>still losing half the array in this way is not good. Is the knife or
>some step prior to sectioning. The block was incubated at 37ds for
>half an hour. Any pointers on dealing with these problems or any
>other problems I might encounter would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance. I am of course checking the histonet archives as
>Ciao, J.
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