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Once, when working in a hospital lab, a nurse accidentally called my lab to request a blood draw - I told her "You want service, this is parts."
From then on, I told people I worked in the Parts Department of the hospital.  

Another favorite when people ask "what is histology?" -
"Did you ever have your tonsils removed?   Did you ever wonder what happened to them after they took them out?"

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To All,
    I just get asked if I do historical work. But, I've been waiting to hear that one.
    Paul Lockwood
11/14/03 10:29:13 AM, Linda Jenkins <> wrote:

>Dear Histology "Buddies",
>         In honor of today being Friday, I want to share a funny with
>you...true story!
>         It's definitely time we advertise our profession:-)
>         A friend asked me where I had been recently and I replied that I
>had been attending the National Society for Histotechnology.  They then
>wanted to know...what is histotechnology.  I replied with the usual, "It's
>the study of tissue".  He replied, "Oh, really...which kind...Puffs™ or
>Kleenex™?"  And...he was serious!
>         Have a great weekend!
>         Linda
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