Re: [Histonet] Trichromes (was Re:What is Histology?)

From:Gayle Callis

Access books on histotechnics or histotechnology, and dig into their
reference lists, you will find it plus the books have good explanations
also.  Some books can be found in university libraries and histopathology
laboratories.  You should do a literature search and it is surprising what
you will find on the internet.  

Hmmm 10 page review, yes - possible for these two stains - you have to dig
it out as they stain some very different tissue components.  


At 06:57 AM 11/17/2003 EST, you wrote:
>Ok guys i am sorry i was not clear initially on my request.Here is what I
>need,I am looking for a research paper type in which compares the different
>types of staining procedures and there uses.The two stains of interests are
>the Trichrome and the Alcian Blue.The paper must include the history of how
>the stain was introduced and the mechanism by which it works and lastly,
>for what purposes is the stain used.Idont know how anyone can write a 10
>page paper on such,but that is the assignment I have and do not know how to
>proceed with this.Thanks
> Saul 
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