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Your difficulty is going to be keeping the paper to only 10 pages on each of the stains!
The textile dye, Alcian blue 8Gx was formulated by Haddoch and Wood in 1944 and introduced as a histological stain by Steedman in 1950.
Alcian blue can be used, either alone or in polychromatic mixtures, for a variety of staining methods. These range from the demonstration of amyloid to assorted glycosaminoglycans.
As pointed out by John Kiernan, the trichrome methods are very numerous and varied in their application.
You probably are most interested in those methods used for the demonstration of supporting(connective) tissue elements.
Most likely the first of these was the single solution containing two anionic dyes introduced by Van Gieson in 1889.
Today many people use the Masson (1929) technique in which two anionic dyes are applied sequentially, but separated by a heteropolyacid such as PTA.
The first of many triacid stains was probably that of Mallory in 1900.
I would recommend that you obtain the following texts from the library;
The History of Staining, 3rd ed.,Clark and Kasten,Willams and Wilkins. ISBN 0-683-01705-5,
Histopathological Technique and Practical Histochemistry, 3rd ed., R D Lillie, McGraw-Hill. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 64-7866
Histological and Histochemical Methods, 3rd ed., J.A.Kiernan, Butterworth Heinemann. ISBN 0 7506 4936 4
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Ok guys i am sorry i was not clear initially on my request.Here is what I need,I am looking for a research paper type in which compares the different types of staining procedures and there uses.The two stains of interests are the Trichrome and the Alcian Blue.The paper must include the history of how the stain was introduced and the mechanism by which it works and lastly, for what purposes is the stain used.Idont know how anyone can write a 10 page paper on such,but that is the assignment I have and do not know how to proceed with this.Thanks


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