Re: [Histonet] Trichromes (was Re:What is Histology?)

A little background research should give you the information you need to 
complete this assignment.  Try the internet for the history.The book Mauve". a 
makes reference to a number of dyes. A large number of textbooks and journal 
articles can help you understand the mechanism of the stains. 
Rena Fail   

> Ok guys i am sorry i was not clear initially on my request.Here is what I 
> need,I am looking for a research paper type in which compares the different 
> of staining procedures and there uses.The two stains of interests are the 
> Trichrome and the Alcian Blue.The paper must include the history of how the 
> was introduced and the mechanism by which it works and lastly, for what 
> purposes is the stain used.Idont know how anyone can write a 10 page paper on 
> such,but that is the assignment I have and do not know how to proceed with 
> this.Thanks
> Saul

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