Re: [Histonet] Picric Acid

From:John Kiernan

Wash under a tap. Put some water
in the jar if it has dried out.

Picric acid explodes if its temperature
goes above 300C. Sources: Lange's
Handbook of Chemistry, just checked;
also remembered from various textbooks 
read over the years.  This cannot happen 
in the presence of liquid water. 

Nearly all anecdotes about picric acid
explosions in labs are urban legends
(= untrue). For confirmation of this
assertion, check it out with Google,
but allow a couple of hours and use
your brain to evaluate the produce.
> jim wrote:
> Has anyone information or data on the safe disposal
> of Picric Acid (crystals have formed on lid of
> bottle).
> Thanks
> Jim Manavis
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