Re: [Histonet] NADPH diaphorase

From:Geoff McAuliffe

The protocol I have seen and used calls for cryostat or sliding 
microtome/frozen sections of paraformaldehyde-fixed material. Mount 
sections on slides, I don't think I ever did free-floating sections. 
Dehydration and/or embedding kills the enzyme.


Sharon Cooperman wrote:

> I'm going to try do some NADPH diaphorase on brain sections.  I assume 
> you can't do the technique on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded 
> tissue, but I found a protocol in Current Protocols in Neuroscience 
> which says you can do the technique on tissue fixed in 
> paraformaldehyde which has been put on a slide prior to staining. Does 
> anyone know if this would work (if not should I use floating 
> sections?) and am I correct in assuming that paraffin embedded tissue 
> won't work?
> Thanks,
> Sharon

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