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From:Deanne Catmull

Hi Cheryl,

Diploid is an organism which has two sets of each chromosome, triploid is
three copies and tetraploidy is four copies of each chromosome. Hope this

Deanne at La Trobe Bundoora.

At 07:47 AM 11/6/03 -0600, Cheryl Crowder wrote:
>Good morning - This questions was put to me yesterday and, knowing 
>little about genetics, I'm stumped.  Can any of you help me.  This 
>researcher is collecting samples which he says are either diploid, 
>triploid or tetraploid.  He states that someone told him there is a 
>stain techniques that "would distinguish the 'ploidy' by the intensity 
>of the stained tissue".  
>Have any of you heard of such a thing or know someone I can contact for 
>this "unusual" question?  Thank you, in advance.  Cheryl
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