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From:Gayle Callis

An interesting message on something I had never heard done before although
we would often exhaust a block when it was postive.  I am so curious as to
why someone would need to do this?? 

Is it fear that if he made a mistake, it will never be detected or so he
Is it to keep another pathologist from making money at his expense - after
you did all the initial work?

Is he afraid of criticism or disagreement about his diagnosis from someone

What if an important test, say something in the molecular biology area is
needed, even on that "negative" sample" - which your laboratory cannot
perform, and you have no original sample left?   

I worked for a pathologist who alway maintained the tissue blocks and
slides were the property of a patient and should be available for any
consultation, at any time at request of attending physician or patient (who
usually was going through their attending doc).  Sometimes a patient had a
difficult borderline diagnosis (not sure negative or positive) and copies
of their reports plus original slides or recuts plus the original blocks
were sent off with patient without question. 

What a shame! I hope he is never my pathologist! plus what a waste of time!  


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