Re: [Histonet] DBA staining for parietal cells

From:Gayle Callis

There is a fabulous book on Lectin staining available through Springer
Verlag, or Bios Scientific publisher.
This book is a tell all on lectins plus has wonderful immunostaining
protocols in general. 
Also go to Vectorlabs website and look at their lectin information.  They
tell you how to do a negative control, plus give the sugar that would be
used for that control with each lectin. 

One has to be a bit careful when working with lectins as some will bind to
other components, so high concentration of Lectin or long incubation
periods should be avoided.  

There is a lectin buffer that some lectins require.  This book has the
buffer recipe.  It is a good investment, if anything, just for the
immunostaining protocol!   

Good luck. 

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o thank you all for helping me
> with my T and B cell staining problem. I got many replies and am working
>out  some new protocols now. Thanks!  has someone  already worked with the
>lectin DBA (horse gram) to color parietal cells?   Could you give me some
>more information about that  (what are the bindingplaces of this lectin on
>the parietal cell?) I have not  worked with lectins yet.   Thanks!  
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