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The easy answer is,I suppose, "because my thesis committee wants it that way" (smile).  Working with hemizygote (lethal mutation in homozygotes) of transgenic mouse with LacZ insertion in front of proteoglycan of interest, enzyme histo equiv (maybe endogenous bgal plus weak signal in tissue) and have been doing immuno for core protein on Xgal reacted slides.  Working fine. DAB looks beautiful next to Xgal blue.  Complication is that the other grad students in our lab use flourescent antibodies and apparently are getting some kind of autoflourescent problem (don't know the details)when they use 40-1a on previously xgal reacted tissue.  My advisor (who REALLY wants immuno and xgal on same sections) wants me to see how it 40-1a looks on my slides and if I still have the false positive problem. So trying to slay more than 1 dragon!  Thanks for the reply. Maureen 

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No, sorry.  Just out of curiousity, why do you want to do both the 
enzymatic and IHC?  Also, I think that if the enzyme isn't  destroyed 
by the reaction it might work - eg., I wouldn't expect it to work on 
peroxidase, but I don't know if beta gal activity persists after the 


>Have you used this antibody on previously X-gal reacted tissue?  We 
>are using 40-1a.  Thanks, Maureen Loomer, MS candidate at ECU
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>Hi.  Chemicon AB1211, ABC kit, HRP with DAB on formalin fixed
>paraffin embedded tissue.  We used it on a transgenic mouse
>expressing Beta gal - pretty weak but detectable with ABC kit and
>HRP.  I think most of the transgenics express weakly and I would
>consider using tyramide (TSA) if you need more signal because
>background is very low.  I also think some of the Abcam anti-beta gal
>abs are pretty good (I don't know which ones, I borrowed them).
>>Has anyone had any experience with polyclonal antibody against
>>b-galactosidase? What reporter system have you used? Thank you.
>>Tom Kuzniar
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