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Have you used this antibody on previously X-gal reacted tissue?  We are using 40-1a.  Thanks, Maureen Loomer, MS candidate at ECU

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Hi.  Chemicon AB1211, ABC kit, HRP with DAB on formalin fixed 
paraffin embedded tissue.  We used it on a transgenic mouse 
expressing Beta gal - pretty weak but detectable with ABC kit and 
HRP.  I think most of the transgenics express weakly and I would 
consider using tyramide (TSA) if you need more signal because 
background is very low.  I also think some of the Abcam anti-beta gal 
abs are pretty good (I don't know which ones, I borrowed them).


>Has anyone had any experience with polyclonal antibody against
>b-galactosidase? What reporter system have you used? Thank you.
>Tom Kuzniar
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