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We have a hazardous waste company that comes out and dumps all of our specimens for us.  He separates the formalin from the specimens in our Morgue and takes both for disposal.  He has all of the proper PPE, including a respirator.  It is expensive, but I feel it is worth every penny.  The time it takes to do the job and the cost of the neutralizer is expensive, too.  If ventilation is not adequate and the formalin exposure is too high for the employees to perform this procedure safely, they would have to wear a respirator, and this requires formal respirator training and fitting.

I know there is another company here in southern California that takes all of the specimens with the formalin still on them.  I don't know if they separate them out later or just burn everything.

Laurie Colbert
Huntington Hospital
Pasadena, CA 

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How do labs dispose of pathological waste when incineration is not available
on site.  Do you have to empty each individual 90 ml container or will
companies take them away with the fluid still in them?  I realize most
larger containers are drained and the containers recycled but was curious to
see what is done with the smaller containers.  How long are the containers
retained and is this process done by lab staff in the histology department.
Diana McCaig, R.T. 
Charge Tech, Histology
Chatham Kent Health Alliance
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