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Considering the potential catastrophic results that you were fortunately able to avoid, I think this vendor is shirking its responsibility.

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it's me again. What do you think about a company that promotes a better
product that you test out, then decide to purchase that product, only to
find out that the product doesn't work?
    I was given these ink pens that were supposed to be better than the
Securline Markers.  These pens were supposed to be alcohol and xylene
resistant.  The sample product worked great, so I purchased 100 of these
pens.  They worked for a few days, then bam, 25 cassettes lost all their
numbers.  Of course all these were GI cases.  We were barely able to see
what number was written on the cassettes.  Gratefully, after many hours of
matching the blocks to the gross descriptions, we were able to make new
cassettes and match them up  to the correct cases.
    So, as only I can do, I packaged up the cassettes that had the numbers
washed off, put all these pens in a box with a letter explaining what
happened and mailed them off to the company.  That was a month ago.  Now I
know NSH was coming up so I let things go.  Now, after one month and after
the NSH, I still haven't heard back from this company.
    Is it me or are companies putting out inferior products these days? I
know I sound like a whiner, but come on.  What happened to taking
responsibilities for your actions.  I'm really not that difficult to get
along with.  I just want decent, dependable products.  Am I holding these
vendors at too much of a high standard? What ever happened to credibility?

Joe Nocito BS, HT (ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, Texas

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