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Sharon, there is a current scale for immunostaining intensity.  It is expressed as a fraction, with the numerator being a number from 1-4 describing the intensity of the primary stain and the denominator being a number from 1-4 describing the background intensity.  For example, an optimal stain would read 4/1, meaning it has a strong primary stain (4) and absolute minimal background (1), and the next best stain would be a 3/1, and so forth.  Usually any background that is over 1 is unacceptable, so even a 4/2, which would show good strong staining of the primary antibody but slightly higher than normal background is unacceptable.  This is the only scoring of immunostaining that I am aware of.  To show you a sample of our scoring of stains chart based on different pretreatments of antibodies, check this link: 

I hope that this helps.

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My Pathologist would like to know if there is a scale for
determining intensity of immuno stains.  For example (1-5) and
what is the criteria for determing this.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Sharon Willman

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