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What I get emailing without looking at my references. Feulgen's, yes, 
not periodic acid-Schiff's, although Feulgen's does use Schiff's.
A good reference is Berlyn and Miksche "Botanical Microtechnique and 
Cytochemistry", Chap. 11, pp. 246ff
One of the classic methods.


>He wants a Feulgen stain. Kits are available... take a look at the Scytek or
>Chromavision websites.
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>Good morning - This questions was put to me yesterday and, knowing
>little about genetics, I'm stumped.  Can any of you help me.  This
>researcher is collecting samples which he says are either diploid,
>triploid or tetraploid.  He states that someone told him there is a
>stain techniques that "would distinguish the 'ploidy' by the intensity
>of the stained tissue".
>Have any of you heard of such a thing or know someone I can contact for
>this "unusual" question?  Thank you, in advance.  Cheryl
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