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From:Mary Lou

No, you're not the only curmudgeon (great word!).  In the past literature searches have been time consuming and sometimes frustrating. These days, typing 'trichrome', etc, into PubMed should  release a slew of papers. This person is relying on the good will of the Histonet to do all the footwork.
Let us hope that the individuals here are properly acknowledged.
On the other hand, maybe this person only has email and not internet access.
Mary Lou

Am I the only curmudgeon reading these exchanges?

I'm embarrassed for myself by the good will and helpfulness shown Saulsaulx
by Listmembers. 

I'd taken it as given that (s)he wanted to find ten double-spaced pages on
trichrome technique, WRITTEN BY SOMEONE ELSE, that (s)he could hand in,
retyped, under her / his own name. 

And I'd made up my mind to remember that name, if it ever emerged on-list,
so that I could be sure not to hire her / him if the occasion ever arose.

But, when I see the outpouring of information that Listers have made
available, it seems that I misjudged the situation --

with all this help, how could Saulsaulx NOT write a decent paper on his /
her own?

Alex K

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