[Histonet] sectioning tissue mircroarrays

From:"jason madore"

Salut everyone,

I am hoping that someone can give me pointers for sectioning of tissue 
microarrays. I am using leica RM2125 and the first array i need to section 
is a 0.06mm 400core ovarian serous tumour array. I have a problems with the 
cores rolling up as the section is cut. About half of the roled cores 
flatten out in the water bath but still losing half the array in this way is 
not good. Is the knife or some step prior to sectioning. The block was 
incubated at 37ds for half an hour. Any pointers on dealing with these 
problems or any other problems I might encounter would be greatly 
Thanks in advance. I am of course checking the histonet archives as well.

Ciao, J.

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