[Histonet] monoclonal beta galactosidase Abs for IHC on FFPE tissue #2

From:"PALMER Jason (SVHM)"

Hi there. Posted this message once and came out as gobbledegook in the next day's digest so I thoought I might try again ...
I've been using a polyclonal beta gal Ab (Abcam 616) for immunos on FFPE tissue, but have been getting a lot of background in the tissue I really want to get a result in, and so now am thinking of trying a monoclonal. I couldn't find one that is has been used successfully on FFPE tissue, as far as I could tell, but am probably going to try a Zymed one (03-2100) that at least is known to work for immunos on frozen sections. Has anybody used this, or other beta gal monoclonals on FFPE tissue with any success? 
Much obliged if you can help, 
Jason Palmer 
Bernard O'Brien Institute of Microsurgery 
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