[Histonet] URGENT! Questions regarding snap freezing in liquid nitrogen with isopentene


Hi everyone,

I am an Honours student, currently finishing up my Honours thesis. 
I am wondering if anyone could give me some REFERENCES on snap freezing mouse 
tissues using liquid nitrogen and ISOPENTENE. I have used liquid nitrogen ONLY 
for snap freezing my mouse tissues in my project, but not with isopentene. And 
i have been having cryostat sectioned mouse tissues that have a lot of tissue 
degeneration, as well as artefacts after fixing in 2% para & 0.5% Glu, and i 
got the idea from someone that this maybe due to the fact that i did not use 
isopentene in the snap freezing process.

So what i want is to discuss this in my thesis. So it would be great if 
someone could give me any scientific references/comments/advice on this method 
whereby isopentene is used in the snap freezing process, and why using this is 

I have been doing some internet searching myself, but any advice or help from 
all histo experts out there would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Hong Yuan Khor
Flinders University
South Australia

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