[Histonet] Success with Paraffin Tape Transfer System

From:Tracey Couse

Hello to everyone,

Personally, I feel it is unfair to make the general statement that the 
paraffin tape transfer system is not good for paraffin sections as was 
stated on Histonet.  I have had success using the paraffin tape transfer 
system.  I use it for both native tissue as well as bioengineered tissue 
samples.  When I cannot get a section via any other means, it has provided 
sections for me to work with.  This may not be the method of choice for 
routine histology, but can provide valuable information that otherwise may 
not be obtained from a problematic paraffin embedded sample.  I feel that 
the degree of success with this system really depends on the application 
and histological goal of the user.  (Actually, I have used it for both 
paraffin and frozen samples.)  My 2 cents.

Have a good weekend!

Tracey Couse
Georgia Tech/Emory Center for the
    Engineering of Living Tissues
Georgia Institute of Technology


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