[Histonet] Regarding HTML encoded email and unwanted attachments, An Update

From:Herb Hagler

It would be so much simpler if everyone that is using their email 
client would simply learn how to send plain text email messages.  That 
simple step would eliminate a lot of the trash code that appears in 
everyone's mail messages and in the digests.  All mail clients do have 
this as an option, consult your local geek if you can't find it.

In the meantime I have checked with our group on campus who are 
providing the list server space.  It turns out that they are presently 
running an older version of the list software that does not currently 
block attachments and does not successfully remove the html garbage 

They are planning to update the list server software by mid December so 
please do not send attachments in your postings to the list. This 
includes the option to attach your vcard identity.

After the update we will be able to eliminate the attachments and the 
html junk that comes with some people not using plain text message 

Thanks for your help and understanding.  Have a great weekend....

Herb Hagler

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