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From:"Flores, Teresa"

RE: [Microscopy] ? experience with Drukker diamond knives

Peter, no I have never heard of Drukker diamond knives. But I have used the resharpening of DIATOME Knives which are sold by Electron Microscopy Science. If you purchase a knife from them (DIATOME) I believe EMS guarantees 6 sharpenings. If the original diamond knife is not from EMS, EMS will give you a credit of ? $$ towards your new DIATOME knife. Our resharpened diamond knives always return like new but a lot less. 

Teresa Flores
New Orleans, LA

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has anybody longer experience with diamond knives from Drukker (The
Netherlands / Europe)?
Can You recommend them?
Have you ever had re-sharpened a knive?
  Thanks for a short informal and offline reply to


Peter Heimann

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