[Histonet] PECAM staining on FFPE sections

From:"Stylli, Stanley"

Dear All,
I am was wondering if anyone has used the following Becton Dickinson antibody Cat No. 550310-Rat CD31 Pure MAB (TLD-3A12) on FFPE rat tissue sections ? What antigen retrieval techniques have you used ?
The antibody requires the tissue to be zinc fixed but was wondering if anyone has had any luck on formalin fixed sections ? I have had luck with rat kidney but not much with rat brain.
Has anyone used another PECAM antibody that has worked well on FFPE rat brain ?
Thankyou in advance.
Stan Stylli

Stan Stylli 
Department of Surgery, 
5th Floor Clinical Sciences Building 
Royal Melbourne Hospital 
University of Melbourne 
Parkville, Australia, 3052. 
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