[Histonet] Manual embedding of tissue cores for arrays

From:"Thom Jensen"


I've been looking.  But all I am finding is a Cytoblock gels like the one from Shandon that you have to process and infiltrate with paraffin to use.  It is for cell blocks.  This could be the stuff I originally saw but I could have read the label wrong.  I don't know if there is anything out there that can be cut like paraffin besides paraffin.

I was thinking of an idea but I don't know if it is totally feasible.  You may want to try it with some practice tissue cores first, but it looks to me that it could work. 

Here's the recipe.

Using a piece of double stick tape:  Peal off one side of the tape carefully stick it into a metal mold.  Now peal off the other side and with forceps touch your punches to the sticky surface until you have them all in nice rows.  (You may want to heat up the mold a bit before pouring paraffin into it to make the surface smooth.)  Pour hot embedding paraffin in the mold.  Set a cassette on it and allow to cool.  Separate the cassette from the mold and if needed peal the tape off.   This should give you straight even rows depending on how well you put your rows together in the first place.

I will try it myself today to see if I can get it to work.  If it works I will post pictures on the internet on the steps for others to use.

Good Luck,


I'm going to post this on the Histonet for others to comment.  We might find someone who has done it another way and has had success.

For further information on Tissue Microarray instruction visit: www.arrayworkshop.com

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