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From:"Thom Jensen"


Here is the information on the Dermal Biopsy Punch Needles:

Sterile Disposable Dermal Biopsy Punches, 2mm  REF 33-31  (around $70.00 for  50 Needles)

or try: E.U. Representative is MILTEX GmbH D-78532 Tuttlingen, Germany

The Stylet is Straightened Steel  Music Wire.  The size is .078 inches 01A X 18 inches PKG.  I don't know the name of the company but here is the phone numbers and info.

Parts No# SMW-078-18  Phone (USA) 1-305-557-8222   FAX # 1800-423-9009
You will have to make a cap on the end of the stylet rod.  Which is a simple knob that has a screw to tighten it onto the steel rod.  Hardware stores sometimes have these things.

I am sure there are companies near you that can make  the rods for you.  I took the dermal needle and punched a paraffin core out of a block and had it measured.  A company in the city where I live manufactured the rod to match the size of the paraffin core.  So I didn't have to send away for the stylet rods.  Which is what I recommend you do.  It may cost a little more but at least you wouldn't have to do the work yourself.

I hope this helps you.  Holler if you need anything else.

Best Wishes,

Thom Jensen


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>Dear Thom,
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