[Histonet] Grossing wage


I was trained to gross prior to getting my bachelor's degree when I had an associates degree in Histotechnology and was a HT(ASCP). They paid me the same wage that I would have gotten doing routine histology. I grossed derms, gyns, noncancerous uteri, appendix, gall bladder, hernia sacs, breast reductions, digits. Unusual cases were held aside for the pathologist to gross later in the day. The person who took my job after me had an anatomy degree but no histology experience. I believe she was paid the same as me. This was in Seattle in 1995-1998.
Some universities offer a bachelor's degree in something they are calling a PA - Pathologist's Assistant. There are a couple people like this now in the Seattle area and I believe that they getting paid better than histotechs. I don't find this surprising since with the loss of histology schools, people are being trained "off the street" and aren't expecting much pay wise. So grossing has become something that is seen to need a bachelors degree (and thus higher pay) whereas histotechs are losing their prestige. (Have I opened a can of worms here?)
I do not know what the cut off is for the PA to turn a case over to the pathologist. I have seen them gross cancerous uteri and breast.
Sandra Ellis
current grad student

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