[Histonet] Frozen section fixing problems - but paraffin works!

From:"Tan, MinHan"

I am working with a new monoclonal antibody in parathyroid tissue, and I use the ABC-DAB reageant system for immunohistochemistry.
I am new to frozen sections immunostaining - and I am encountering problems with frozen sections - staining is very weak or absent, in comparison to paraffin embedded tissue, which I have no problems with. 
My protocol for frozen sections:
Unfixed=20frozen slides with 5 micron sections thawed at room temperature for 5 minutes
Placed in 70% ethanol x 5 minutes.
Washed in PBS x 5 minutes.
followed with standard protocol: hydrogen peroxide 0.3% x 30 min, donkey serum 5% x 30 min, primary antibody (mouse) 4 deg overnight, secondary (goat anti-mouse), ABC, DAB.
Does anyone have any advice?
Thank you!

Min-Han Tan 

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