[Histonet] Exhaust Block

From:Cindy DuBois

We have a pathologist who recently decided that if the specimen doesn't show
a disease process (ie, no pathological abnormality) we must "exhaust the
block".  This means (to him) to make 3 additional levels (H&E's), then cut
through the rest of the tissue leaving nothing in the block.  We are suppose
to do this to keep the patient or referring physician from requesting
further testing on the block.  So far we only have to do this with skin
biopsies, but I am afraid he will soon want it for everything else.  This is
extremely time consuming!

Do other labs out there do this?  I am just curious.

Cindy DuBois, HT ASCP
Delta Pathology Assoc.
Stockton, CA 

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