[Histonet] A Big Step For The New muscle/nerve procedures

From:"George Cole"


84 PACKETS SENT---AND A BIG STEP TAKENI One of those muscle and nerve packet going out all over has landed in a  neuropathologist’s hands and the good doctor is now studying the methods in his lab. He says he is getting good results. He has given me a wonderful lift with his acceptance of those methods for their actual study as possible inclusions in his lab’s patient care. He also wrote some positive statements about the methods and the means of communicating them.  I know the  home-made videos are a bit crude, but I guess they do manage to communicate the How To’s of the many improvements to muscle and nerve biopsy technique presented in them..  Folks, I’ve tried to say this before---and I don’t want to be tiresome---I don’t want people to press DELETE the moment they see my name on the histonet----but being aware of better ways to do things---especially when the things done are life and death patient services---and shrugging them off with a “Well, that’s how he does it, but it isn’t the way I do it!”  is a big NO NO in my belief system.  I automatically included, in my processing of patient tissues, ANY improvement in procedure, whether it was easier or harder or more expensive to do, or whatever!! I have been worried about the fate of these methods.  I know we histotechs don’t usually have the authority to schedule retraining time when new methods come along, nor could they usually just up and buy new equipment for new procedures.  I was extraordinarily fortunate to work for Dr. D’Agostino.  I ordered any supplies or equipment needed by each improvement as it came along, no questions asked. It did take some time for the big break-through cases to come along, but then, all was well.  I was patiently reminded, sometimes, that I was taking more than the usual time to do biopsies. But the comparative completeness of the information I dug out of the tissues eventually helped to excuse me for the extra in-out time.  I always tried to keep the process time to a minimum----it was quality and completeness first, and I just hoped the clock would forgive me if I couldn’t do it this in the same time as the mediocre studies . I have heard from a few of you who are giving the new methods a try. Please, I hope I’m not being hard headed about this---but folks, shouldn’t EVERYONE, who is informed about better procedures for of patient care, DO their enactments of those better procedures?                                 .   

Please excuse this diatribe---on the next 23 messages on the Histonet, I will perform english music-hall songs and play  catchy numbers on two spoons.


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