Reply to methylmetacrylate re-embedding

From:Gayle Callis

You can grind away excess bubbled MMA from around specimen then go into
PURE, uncatalyzed (no BPO) monomer until the bubbled monomer is dissolved
away.  You may need to do two changes.  This removes polymerized MMA from
AROUND the specimen, and but not internally, and this protocol does not
damage bone. 

After bubbled plastic removal, reembed, let sample sit overnight at RT in a
tightly capped embedding mold, then polymerize next day in a WATERBATH set
at 37C.  If you have used incubator style oven, you get uneven heating and
bubbles form.  Avoid higher temperatures also, this plus the uneven heating
all contribute to uncontrolled, rapid polymerization/bubble problems. AT
40C in our lab, bubbles formed, we stayed with 37C without problems. 

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