Re: nerve teasing instruments

From:"Mitchell (Jean)"

The best instrument for nerve teasing is patience and more 
patience.  If you have a set of good fine tipped forceps that work 
well for you, are dedicated exclusively to nerve fiber teasing and 
you don't let anyone else handle them that is about the best you 
can hope for.

Special tricks for nerve teasing?  Do you use epon or glycerin 
method of processing?  I use the epon method and find that I 
routinely spend 4-8 hours on every case that I tease.  I have 
determined that if I split the time up between two days I have an 
easier time separating fibers. The first day just pulling off and 
discarding the elements surrounding the fibers and the 2nd day 
actually teasing the fibers apart gives me the best results.  

March 1998 Journal of Histotechnology has a good article regarding 
peripheral nerve teasing.

Jean Mitchell, BS, HT (ASCP)
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
Department of Neurology/Neuromuscular Laboratory
Madison, WI

> Hi,
> Anyone out there know where I can purchase intruments for nerve
> teasing ?? Anyone know of any "special" tricks for teasing nerve?? I
> have a great processing procedure but, thought i might be able to get
> finer strands if i had better forceps and a different technique. I
> currently use "pelco #4 ds tweezer - 110mm". Thanks, Nancy

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