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From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

The Specialist in Laboratory Safety (SLS) is a certification exam offered through ASCP, as of about 3 years ago.
Printed below are the eligibilty routes, off the ASCP web site:
From this web page, you should be able to get to the content outline (very general but more complete than the 6-7 topic areas listed below) and the list of recommended books (I couldn't pull it up this morning, for some reason.)
I studied from the ASCP Lab Safety book (written by Lynn Montgomery), the lab safety book by Dapson and Dapson (available through Anatech, Ltd.), our hospital's and our lab's safety manuals, our hospital's epidemiology manual, websites of CDC and OSHA, re-read MSDS and spill kit info, and went over again all the hand-outs from every NSH workshop on safety I had ever taken.
I was weak on specimen shipping regs (which I have subsequently taken a NSH workshop on) and on hoods (air flow requirements for different types of biological hoods).
I did pass, but it wasn't an easy exam (they never are). I've been Anatomic Pathology Safety Officer for 6+ years, taking safety workshops for longer than that, reading safety regs since . . . . forever (yawn).
To help people who are interested in acquiring knowledge on safety, there are some NSH Teleconferences on safety coming up in 2003:
March 19, 2003
Role of the Histology Lab in a Bio-terrorism Event - Tim Morken, CDC
May 21, 2003
Mercury in the Histology Lab: Safety, Reduction, and Disposal - Eric Talley, New York
June 18, 2003
Specimen Shipping Regulations - Linda Durbin, Oklahoma
I would recommend taking the SLS exam if you are involved in safety. No, it didn't get me any additional money (neither did taking on the role of Safety Officer (SO)). But I do feel it lends some "credibility" to my being SO - as in "who says you are qualified to be SO?".
Hope this helps.
Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI
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To be eligible for this examination category, an applicant must satisfy the requirements of one of the following routes:

Route 1: ASCP Board of Registry technologist or specialist certification AND at least twelve (12) months acceptable experience in laboratory safety within the last five years.

Route 2: MLT(ASCP) or HT(ASCP) certification AND eighteen (18) months acceptable experience in laboratory safety within the last five years.

Route 3: Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college/university AND two years of acceptable experience in laboratory safety within the last five years.

Clinical Laboratory Experience
To fulfill the experience requirement for the Specialist in Laboratory Safety examination, you must have experience, within the last five years, in 4 of the 8 following areas:

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Is this an ASCP exam?

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Hi Nancy,

I took this exam (and passed!) in September 2000.  Basically, I used the
recommended reading list that the ASCP sent with the application.  I looked on
OSHA's website, but also got alot of help from the folks that work in our Health
and Safety Department here at Bayer.  Each had there own specialty (fire,
chemical hygeine, ergonomics, etc.) and they were very helpful.

The challenge for me was that I work in research (with animal tissues), so I
really had to become familiar with hospital practices, CLIA regs, etc.  It was a
great learning experience.

I actually thought about doing a workshop at the NSH on helpful hints on passing
the test, but wasn't sure how many people would actually attend.  There is a lot
of information, and although it is very important, let's face it, not to

If you would like more details, I would be happy to send you information on the
specific resources I studied from.

good luck,

Angela McNabola, MS
Bayer Corporation
West Haven, CT

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                     PM                       Subject:  Specialist in Laboratory Safety (ASCP)                                        

I recently learned of this new exam being offered in laboratory safety.  I'm
wondering if anyone has taken it?  Are there study guides or mock exams
available?  Any information would be appreciated.
Nancy Adams

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