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Re: Special Stains for Alzheimer's Disease
Dear Ryan,

These are all immunhistochemical stains and these three antibodies (b-amyloid,Tau,A-synuclein) are easily obtained commercially, and will clearly demonstrate these features of Alzheiner's Disease and Lewy body disease.

Belchowski silver stain will show plaques and tangles too but not as clearly as the immuno stains.

If you are not set up for immuno, any lab that regularly does human autopsy material, should have working protocols for these stains. It will probably be easier (cheaper and less time consuming) to send the slides away if this is a one off case.

Good Luck, Cath

Please help me with this inquiry. 

A patient from the hospital has a pre-op of Alzheimer's Disease.  We have a portion of cerebral tissue to work with.  My pathologist requires the following stains to be done:

1.  A stain for beta amyloid to characterize neuritic plaques.
2.  A stain for tau paired helical filaments to characterize neurofibrillary tangles.
3.  A stain for alpha synuclein to look for Lewy bodies.

Which stains are we required to do to represent these elements? The only stain I am familiar with is the Belchowski (spelling check) stain.

All suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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