Re: Recyclers

From:Barbara Stancel

Dear Mary,

We have been recycling xylene and alcohol for almost 12 years. Previously we 
had two excellent glass distillation units and we were very hesitant about 
replacing them. About 18 months ago, through special hazardous waste 
reduction money, we had the opportunity to order new recyclers. We demo-ed 
or traveled to other labs to see and hear about the new enclosed recycling 

The two units we were considering were equal on almost all of their features 
and ability to recycle many solvents. Both companies have good customer 
service and good products. Of the two which made the last round, we chose 
the CBG (800-941-9484) for two reasons. Mobility-a feature we liked because 
we could roll them out in the hall and get the floors under them 
cleaned/waxed. Second, because they were very, very quiet!

Good luck in your decision making. You have made a good start by checking 
with the HISTONET. Please call if there are any specific questions you may 
have about our choice.

Histologically yours,
Barbara H. Stancel, HTL(ASCP)HT
USDA, FSIS, OPHS, Eastern Laboratory, Pathology
RRC, 950 College Station Road
Athens, Georgia  30604
phone: (706) 546-3556
fax: (706) 546-3589

I know there's several good brands of recyclers on the Market, but before I 
start trialing some, I ask opinions of those of you on the histonet that 
recycle.Reagents to possible recycle include alcohol, xylene, clearite, 
Penfix and formalin.Any opinions from our experts would be appreciated. 

Mary McCoy
Pathology Coordinator
Lakeland Regional Health System
St. Joseph, MI

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