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From:Katri Tuomala

After the slides are coverslipped and put into trays in numerical order,
each slide number is checked with the corresponding block number and the
tissue matched on the slide to the tissue in the block. Paper label is
applied to the slide at this point.
 It is not foolproof, if your mind wanders. You have to pay attention. We do
this with every single slide. This is also the last check  to see that the
tissue has been cut deep enough and if not, the block goes back for
It is a bit time consuming, but necessary in my mind.

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> To what extremes do you go to in order to check for correct slide
> Are there certain checkpoints along the way that are time saving and
> efficient?
> As a QA measure, do you have someone match slides and blocks for correct
> labeling before distributing to the pathologist?
> Thanks in advance.. j
> Happy thanksgiving everyone...
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