Re: GFP immuno in paraffin sections

From:Sarka Lhotak

Hello Oliver,
	I had good results immunostaining for GFP using a Molecular Probes
antibody A-11122. It is a rabbit polyclonal antibody, unconjugated. I used
a biotinylated secondary and the streptavidin peroxidase technique. I was
able to visualize GFP transfected cells growing on chicken embryos and
also in EDTA decalcified rat bones even when the GFP was not longer
fluorescent. I used the antibody at 1/200 dilution with no antigen
	I also tried Vector BA-0702, which is a goat anti-GFP polyclonal.
It worked well on the chicken embryo but on on the decalcified bones.
	Hope this helps,

Sarka Lhotak

Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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