RE: specimen containers and HIPPA

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We have to do the same thing, too. All empty specimen containers go in the
red bags for incineration. Any paper work with patient information of any
kind is shredded. At first, we were told that we have to take markers and
mark out the patient info on the containers before putting them in the
regular trash, but it was too time consuming and a waste of technical time.
It actually cost less to put the containers in red bags for incineration
than have a technician to take the time to mark out all of the info on the
container labels. Made my job easier. I have better things to do with my
time than be marking out info on labels.

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Kari our specimen containers (even empty ones) are put in red bag trash.
The empty containers are autoclaved and "ground up" by the disposal company.
The ones with specimens are of course incinerated.    We are not allowed to
put anything in the trash with the patients name, not even an unused label.

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> Fellow Histonetters,
> I would like to know how people are disposing of their specimen
> containers.
> Our retained tissue is eventually sent for incineration. However, the
> specimen containers with the patients' names and other information are
> rinsed and thrown away in the trash.  During the grossing of small
> specimens
> that submitted in full, the containers are also tossed.  Trying to remove
> the labels is nearly impossible and time prohibitive. What is the correct
> approach under the HIPPA Privacy Rule? Would it be sufficient to send the
> labeled container to the incinerator also?  I have a very thick,
> comprehensive book on the implementation of HIPPA, but it's not of much
> use
> in regard to specimen containers and labels that contain patient
> information. Thanks in advance.
> Kari Bradshaw

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