RE: Tissue processor

From:"Locallo, Catherine"

Dear Histoman,

The Leica ASP300 has that capability of delaying the instrument in any
station.  Say, if you want to delay the tissue to sit in 70% alcohol over
the weekend, the instrument can be started, go through the formalins and
then stop in 70% for the pre set delayed time.  The instrument has alot of
other great features that may be of interest to you.

Maybe you can contact your Leica representative for more details.

Cathy Locallo
Director Anatomic Pathology 
Children's Memorial Hospital
Chicago, Il
(773) 868-8949

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> Good day Histonetters,
> I was wondering if anyone knows of a tissue processor that will allow you
> to 
> start your program and then allow it to delay in the 2nd or 3rd station ?
> Thanks !

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