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Melanie, why not try a 'low tech' method such as soaking the slides in absolute alcohol, then wipe them dry, as long as you don't have a high volume throughput as this is time consuming ( I use to do it a long time ago with Chinese slides). I would also look at changing the brand of slide.
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Subject: Problems with histotechnology

I am having a problem in my lab and would like some advice.  My problem seems to be that my clean, non positive charge slides are still acting in a positive way by collecting water onto the slide and causing the water to lay under the tissue and will stain with the tissue.  This is a new problem with any of the technicians here.  Some of our problem solving has led to cleaning of the slides using different methods; muriatic acid, acidic acid, and methanol.  When this did not work we attempted to change the water in our water baths to DI water, RO water, Nanopure water, Deionized Water and even Tap Water from the facility.  This still did not work, next we tried demagnitizing the slides with a magnet.  We have tried humidifying the slides, and now we are thinking that it may be that lack of humidity in the room.  I beg for your advice and knowledge on the subject.  Any responses will be welcome.  If you happen to know any requirements for&nb

I appreciate any help that you may provide. 
Melanie Pride B.S., HT 

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